West Dynamic Global

VIP & Crew Transportation

WDG transportation services cover entire Malaysia including all ports in Malaysia and Singapore.

Our dedicated pilots brings a powerful blend of experience, knowledge and value to your journey. Our Policy always puts safety as our first priority. Safety and risk assessment performance are carried out with respected handling of our passengers. Plus our all vehicles also equipped with GPS for monitor drivers working conditions and the cultivation of risk-aware driving habits. We may offer the cost effective, safe delivery, time consuming and efficiency.

During this pandemic, with care in mind we sanitizer our mpvs frequently for our client peace of mind and we also MOT permitted to transport during MCO.


We shall serve as one stop centre for arrange land transport & boat service until the vessel.

Our Drivers & vehicle had valid port passes to access into all ports in Malaysia.

Our service is 24 hrs a day/ 7 days a week & without any Public holiday, night hour or hot spot charges.

We accept booking before 2 hrs service.

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